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****** PASCAL & SANDRA ******



El R Pascal is a native of Dakar, Senegal. "I like to describe myself as a world citizen. Growing up i was fortunate to travel and experience several cultures and take the best from each".

This cultural diversity came with an absolute love for multiple musical styles from Hip Hop, R&B to Salsa, Zouk and even at times...Heavy Metal...Zouk Music always had a special place in my generation growing up in Senegal with the influence of the Cape Verdi community. This love for Zouk music naturally evolved to a passion for Kizomba. "The hotness and technique of this dance amazed me the very first time I saw it, most people instantly fall in love with the dance and that's quite amazing".

Now in Chicago, after sharing his passion in France, he is helping the dance grow in the city. "It's a pure pleasure and hobby for me to transmit all I know about the dance, spirit and culture of Kizomba and Zouk music".


Pascal and Sandra have been invited to teach all over the USA including San Francisco's Got Kizomba Festival, Michican Latin Dance Festival, St. Louis International Dance Festival,  ARK festival, and most-of-all enjoy teaching locally at Latin Street Dance & Dance Center Chicago and hosting Toque de Kizomba Party and Taste of Kizomba Festival.

* Taste of Kizomba * Kizomba Chicago Summer Festival * July 22-24th 2016 *

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